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Black Paper
The Whistling Mortician (Jon Froehlich and Ensemble)
Dark Eyes (Rachel Kodweis and Ensemble)
Scapin (Jon Froehlich)
Pulcinella (Jon Froehlich)
Venetian Twins (Rachel Kodweis)
Jon Mattamoro (Jon Froehlich)
Fafalo! (Rachel Kodweis)
Aquitania (Rachel Kodweis)
Pullman Car Hiawatha (Rachel Kodweis)
Theatre Kuden (Jon Froehlich)

About Us

Infinite Spark is a launch pad for the experimental theater projects of Rachel Kodweis and Jon Froehlich, based in Rochester, NY.

Inspired by eccentric stories of all kinds, artistic expressions from around the world, and theater traditions from across time, we play our way toward powerfully embodied theater experiences that ignite the infinite spark at the center of every human being.

Infinite Spark is a direct descendant of our former company in New York City, Cloud of Fools, which was co-founded by Casey Robinson, Susan Hyon, and Laura Butler-Levitt, and which is itself descended directly from the Theatre Kuden of maestro Niky Wolcz.

In our combined years in the city, we trained, performed, and created widely. Alongside our work with Cloud of Fools, regular collaborators were Caborca, M-34, Stolen Chair, Casa Cruz de la Luna, Dangerous Ground, One-Eighth, Mettawee River, and more.

Some questions that guide Infinite Spark are:

  • “What keeps the work of the actor at the center?" (What is essential for telling the story? How much can we create, from how little?)

  • “How can the way we move our bodies, move you?” (Each body possesses profound resources of expression, and a trained ensemble can create realities beyond what audiences thought possible.)


  • “How can each person see themselves in what we do, and find themselves reflected in what is on stage?” (All of humanity, from our particular to our archetypal manifestations, is essential to our understanding of human expression, and we seek to reflect this diversity in all we do.)


  • And ultimately, “What makes theater theater?” (How can we highlight the unique way that theater is face to face and body to body, live in real time? How can we tell stories that enrich your experience of life through the communal moment of theatrical connection?)


Infinite Spark invites you to come and see: we’ll keep the fire lit for you.

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