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The Flower Debt

by Fiona Criddle

Ticket info to come!

Fri 8 august 2023 - sun 11 august 2023

The Flower Debt
Fiona Criddle’s The Flower Debt is an experimental nonlinear poetry play inspired by the myth of Persephone and Hades. As Persephone grapples with her autonomy as the new queen of an ever-changing domain, Hades takes progressively radical measures to stave off the collapse of his entire realm. From amidst this turmoil, Persephone must discover the deep and magical keys to her liberation.


Author: Fiona Criddle
Director: Fiona Criddle
Movement Director: Rachel Kodweis 
Sound Designer: Jon Froehlich
Costume Designer: Kendal Hooper


To be announced in May 2023!
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